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Feb 9, 2013 9:30am PST
funding for redevelopment agencies. what is your opinion of the plan? what are your thoughts on the value of redevelopment agencies? >> i think the plan is over- broad. i do not support it as it relates to san francisco's model of redevelopment. our redevelopment agency does tremendous work in san francisco. a lot of projects like treasure island and what is happening in hunters point, those kinds of projects would be difficult to achieve without redevelopment. a redevelopment agency is the largest source of affordable housing creation in the city. it has been a huge asset. i understand there are other parts of the state where redevelopment has a different model and is not as positive. there are types of unwise development. redevelopment statewide is in need of reform. san francisco is a model for redevelopment and it needs to stay intact. >> let's talk about the role of sports. are you happy with the plans for the america's cup? should the city spend money to keep the 49ers'? >> i am thrilled about the america's cup. it will not just be an economic boom that creates jobs and long-
Feb 8, 2013 6:30am PST
hard at the redevelopment. now we call it the commission on community investment and infrastructure. and we want to say that word a lot. because, yes, it's still the redevelopment promise that we had, but it's much more than that. and we want to get away from the old negative legacies that redevelopment had with many members of our community in san francisco, on to investment and infrastructure, investing in people, investing in their lives. as we rebuild physically here. you're also going to see a lot more parks, open space. you're going to see a community center here. you're going to see people that will see employment training as their way forward, not their way out. and people are going to want to live here. there are people that are going to want to buy the market rate housing that's going to be built here right next door and in and around the area. the affordable rental housing that will go up, integrated with the public housing, and you're going to see a reinvested management of all of the housing so that everybody sees their role being played out here. from the residents, to
Feb 20, 2013 4:30pm PST
felt devastated by the redevelopment of the '50s and '60s that the building of the garage and even the so-called redevelopment of the area meant that we created nonprofits and community based institutions whether strong voices from merchants, but also residents as well. and i do feel that the strong community relations built not just from the newer businesses like the kabuki theater, and i'm really happy that they've continued the supportive community-based events. but i think the nonprofit has been a key player in ensuring that the ethnic community in japantown but also the connection with the african-american and fillmore district are maintained. and you can't get that done by an mta running a garage. so, there's that historic context, but also those i think tangible benefits that many of the speakers brought up as well and that's why i strongly support japantown and [speaker not understood] comes up in chinatown a little later, that's another one that has a similar history, but not exactly the same. but i think for the did evastation of redevelopment and japantown community havi
Feb 4, 2013 4:00am PST
makes a difference. and many communities across the country, when public housing is redeveloped, the residents are ignored or the residents are moved away or the residents -- or the new housing is enough. what's different about san francisco, what's different about hope sf is that's not enough. the campaign for hope sf is an initiative to raise $25 million for, as olson said, human services, to transform the neighborhood, the lives, working with the residents closely. it has brought in san francisco foundation enterprise, the city, and numerous other foundations, philanthropic organizations and corporations, all of whom are committed for the long term. and this will take a long time. hunters view will take a long time. there are seven other housing projects as part of hope sf. we are committed to sticking it through the long-term and i think that's really critical. one of the key aspects -- i work for a national organization that does nonprofit development and affordable housing. we know that the whole country is looking at what we're doing here, and that's really important. everyone
Feb 21, 2013 6:00am PST
mission bay south redevelopment plan. the property is a triangle shaped lot bounded by freeway 2 80 on the west, 16th street to the north, owens street to the east, mariposa street to the south. the property is zoned commercial industrial use with an hz7 or 160-foot height limit. the request before you today is for the authorization of 700,000 square feet of office space pursuant to planning code sections 320 and 321. the proposed project is for the construction of a new 99 5,000 square foot office building which will consist of two campuses. each campus will feature a six-story podium connected to a 12-story building. the maximum height will be 180 feet with a top of each tower rising to 169 feet and then up to 180 feet with allowable mechanical features. there will be approximately 295,000 square feet of parking resulting in 680 independently accessible parking spaces on five floors. the entrance to these parking garages are going to be on owens street. mission bay block 40 is located within the mission bay south redevelopment area which was established in 1998. all development is ou
Feb 5, 2013 12:30pm PST
redevelopment, high-speed rail plans; this was a chance for the community to weigh in an division they have for the area and help them form the larger regional discussions. by domains at the end of the story but it is a way to start the build community input and consensus. bi-county transportation study is very much related, working with jurisdictions and agencies across the county line in san mateo; we are just about done with this one. we have to do a little bit of tinkering to do with the loss of the redevelopment agency and other changes but we will come to you early in 2013 with recommendations. market street is further to all of you. we know that it needed to be fixed for a long time. the study resulted in a number of improvements that included and led to the bike -- an initial turn restrictions. we now have a much more significant effort going on looking at a much broader context not just of the transportation needs and a quarter which are technical enough but really a long-term issue and development of that as well; we should get an update to the lands and programs committee very so
Feb 17, 2013 3:30pm PST
build. >> we are continuing to build. the loss of redevelopment agencies is going to have a significant impact on the capacity of all of us in california who build affordable housing and building new housing. >> some municipalities, morgan hill, if a developer goes into a community, a certain percentage has to be affordable housing. some areas do that. >> that's an ordinance called inclusionary housing ordinance, a number have them including san jose passed an ordinance. east bay has one, san francisco has one, they require a certain percentage of the housing to be affordable. right now that's the only affordable housing we'll be building in redevelopment agencies. we're working in the city of mountain view on a new development where the funding comes from that ordinance to help us pay for that new housing development? >> again, how many on the waiting list? >> 9,000. >> where are they at now? like you said, probably doubling, tripling up? >> your guess is as good as mine. folks need housing in the region. it's expensive to live and jobs are coming back so it's high. >> you
Feb 16, 2013 10:30pm PST
created solely to sell bonds. supervisor breed served on the redevelopment agency commission which had a tragic legislate is of pushing out japanese and african-american property owners in the city. as supervisor mar mentioned earlier, this corporation and its predecessor served as a check against that, a voice for the community. and supervisor breed thinks that's something valuable that should continue. the corporation incurs about $276,000 per year in management costs, which may seem excessive or unnecessary, but bear in mind that mta would incur some costs if they were managing the garage, perhaps not as much, but at least some percentage of an fte. the members of the corporation, all of whom are respected community leaders, do not receive any pay for their service and the corporation acts as a strong voice for the community and a booster for the businesses whose customers use this garage. their efforts increase the number of visitors to japantown and to the japan center garage and thus the garage's gross revenues. it's likely offsets much of the net costs of the corporation its
Feb 16, 2013 11:00pm PST
solution of redevelopment, one of the com poets of that was that agreements between city agencies and redevelopment agencies were not binding contractual agreements. our redevelopment agency made a number of commitments over the years to support funding for the bayview opera house, and that has not been able to be sustained. and, so, in order to keep that project moving we're recommending funding for that project as well. you can see the last point here. [speaker not understood] commission does have within their existing reserves sufficient funds to support child care programs within the existing budget. as i mentioned, we are in support of the budget analyst recommendations. happy to answer any questions or to ask my colleagues to do the same. >> supervisor avalos. >> just a quick question about the bayview opera house. didn't we approve funding for that last year as well to complete renovation? and how is it that -- i didn't expect there was going to be bite at the apple for more funding for that. >> so, that project has had a number of different sources of funding over time. there
Feb 3, 2013 4:00pm PST
[pao-erpb/]ships. it's a partnership with the mayor's office of housing and the redevelopment successor agency and we're very proud of that project because it's our first affordable physically supportive housing project that is under construction. blocks 6 and 7 the redevelopment successor agency developed 409 market-rate and 150 affordable housing units and they are currently finalizing negotiations on the development agreement with that developer and block 9 the redevelopment agency received three proposals for 550 units with 20% affordable and at the appropriate time i will come back to the board with the results of the bids. with respect to our current costs and schedule status as of november, 20 12 total for phase 1 is $1.6 billion. you can see what has been awarded to-date, committed and incurred through november, 2012. i should note an additional $75 million of contingency is included in the detail lines above. our schedule, we're still on schedule to commence bus operations towards the latter end of 2017. so what is the plan for 2013? in may of this year we expect pell
Feb 25, 2013 8:00pm PST
to promote affordable housing? >> we have a big setback when redevelopment was eliminated. i complained with 10 other big mayors. the governor had to do it we were doing the right thing. we never got criticized for anything. that redevelopment agency used tax increments, which borrows from future tax increases on property they declare to be redeveloped areas, it uses that to build infrastructure. that is exactly how we built mission bay. that is how we're going about hunters point, treasure island. these very successful projects provided us with a number of sites that build affordable housing for middle-income and just below middle income levels and even into almost housing authority levels. when we lost it, we have to figure out what we would do. i created the housing trust fund working group. the idea is to rebuild up extreme of $50 million in revenue -- 8 stream of $50 million in revenue to build affordable housing. we have to get it done. the housing trust fund includes every major real estate management company, a developer of condos, affordable housing advocates, financ
Feb 2, 2013 7:30pm PST
that our neighborhood is safe. >> governor brown proposed eliminating funding for redevelopment agencies. talking about your opinion of this plan. >> i think the governor's proposal is very dangerous, and it may really disrupt a lot of the planning in progressive cities that have really developed great projects that create better housing opportunities for the lowest income areas. i'm skeptical of redevelopment overall. it led in the 1950's and 1960's to the devastation and destruction of many low-income neighborhoods. it was often done without a heart and was very disruptive, displacement in fact, especially of lower income and working [inaudible] market is one place where they used to be families living there that have been displaced by high-rise hotels and other types of structures, but i think as redevelopment reform moves forward, we need to be sensitive to ensuring that san francisco can protect its projects that preserve decent housing and better housing for the lowest income population. i think the governor's proposal is very dangerous and may impact treasure island devel
Feb 16, 2013 1:30am PST
initiated by the former redevelopment agency and at this time, the development is working with the redevelopment staff to understand what obligations might exist to continue work on these projects. the third modification request was to increase funding and find alternative funding source to pay for the second of the interior interpretations guidebook, again, the department is currently researching other resource to complete that work. with that said, i respectfully request that the planning commission approve the department's proposed 13, 15 budget, so that we can submit it to the mayor's office next thursday, that concludes our presentation and i would be happy to answer any questions that you may have, thank you very much. >> is there any public comment on this item? >> public comment is closed. >> commissioner sugaya? >> yes, thank you for that report. i am encouraged that we are what is the right word? taking into consideration the recommendations from the preservation commission and that is very encouraging and just one comment. i think through the years, in terms of this pres
Feb 4, 2013 5:00am PST
african america community and then we had the redevelopment community and so the mayor is restructuring two giant agencies for the 20 last 20 years redevelopment and housing authorities which is housing a lot of african america community. and wd is seasoning out rfp's for efor what the helm, i don't know and we have a community that doesn't have a mother-in-laws association label, also blacks on the leaders account and the mayor said that the city is in a big bend -- well lord have mercy he just don't know we have been sweep like by a broom and we have racism on both side we have white people saying that there is racism and there is racism for years, black history month, we have been displayed and replaced because of our race and something has to be done. you must do something.. >> thanks next speaker. >> good day supervisors my name is robert green. i would like to say that i do not own firearms and i do not rise to the opposition combining date from the your resolution and fbi assault weapons are been responsible for barely one half of all firearm related murder over the
Feb 13, 2013 8:30am PST
take a lot of squinting to see the case for economic redevelopment, and that's in part because the -- if we can go back to -- thank you, the history of this building is that it was for a lot of years a railroad depot and in 1981, it came to exist as we currently know it when they connected the two depots and put a roof over the top of it. in the 80s and 90, it served a good purpose where it was a space where extra trade shows could happen and those trade shows over time have started to migrate to other states, particularly las vegas, other venues and to the web, what you have is a space that's used for consumer shows, private parties, corporate events, those types of things, and as a result of all that, we have in the last 9 years as an occupancy of 30% for the concourse space. bhiel the 30% of use is really important to those who comprise the 30%, there's really -- it's difficult to make an economic justification for not redeveloping a site that hollow 70% of the year and it's difficult to make that case when there are alternative sites in the bay area and in san francisco where a
Feb 18, 2013 9:00pm PST
those. on the impact of the dissolution of the redevelopment agency, those final figures are still not been adjudicated by the state and we are not making any assumptions that we would lose any additional redevelopment dollars as part of this estimate. property tax appeals may require that we revise some of our estimates on refunds. at this point we will take a look over the next three months to see whether results of some of the property tax appeals in some instances that increases property tax or other indents that reduces it. the potential fluctuation of general tax revenue, we may see a few more boom months of property transfer tax, or we may not. and, so, it really will depend on a month-to-month basis. the potential liability with litigation, we have two large cases that we continue to work on as a city. one is a disabled access case and the other is the online travel companies. and either one of those cases it was decided unfavorable to the city and county would impact our revenue projections and our surplus projections. and, so, the board of supervisors will be briefed abou
Feb 8, 2013 8:30am PST
standards among other things. we know that a city we invest resources in redevelopment for instance housing authority property. one of the objectives of this review is simply to ensure that our partner, the housing authority, is in a strong financial position. and that the investments that the city is making a properly managed. the kind of review that i have in mind is a review that is consistent with how we as a board deal with the management and operations of various agencies. we as a board under our rules actually have a point of calling for different types of audits from time to time, including a management audit which under our rules as opposed to happen every eight years or so. and when we look at the issue of when the last time the housing authority has been audited by the city, we discovered that the last time was in 1993, about 10 years ago. the item that you have before you % i want to thank my colleagues who have sponsored this item, supervisors avalos, kim and mar, basically it's an item asking the budget and legislative analyst to conduct a performance review of this agency, an
Feb 7, 2013 5:30pm PST
we got beyond redevelopment we got to a place we were having more locally-owned businesses. i'm sad to hear about the indian restaurant that is not thriving there, but this is an older building with nice awnings and a different kind of space that i don't really see formula retail in. if it wasn't for that concentration and the fact that i think we need to have changing the dynamics in that corridor, i would feel differently, but i actually don't think this is an asset or necessary addition. i recognize it's a move and i feel bad for you. i just don't like this location on fillmore. if it were maybe somewhere else i would be supportive, but at this site, i just can't. >> commissioner hillis sorry, commissioner sugaya. >> so i think i share commissioner borden's comments and issues. i think it's just a better use on geary. it doesn't generate a lot of walk bitraffic and you have walk up and that is good. a quick question for the project sponsor. do you operate any -- all your restaurants under the domino's brand? >> well, >> well, yes. sorry. domino's doesn't allow you to operate othe
Feb 26, 2013 2:00pm PST
redevelopment agency commission and i grew up in the western addition. i know the tragic legacy of redevelopment all too well. for years african americans and japanese americans property owners were pushed out of the western addition fillmore area and japantown neighborhoods. this corporation comprised of business owners and leaders in the community has served as a check against the injustice, a voice for the neighborhoods. that voice is far too important, too valuable to silence it now in the name of cost savings. more over, i am not convinced that eliminating the corporation would actually generate savings. the corporation acts as [speaker not understood] for the japantown and fillmore communities thus increasing the number of visitors to the area and paid customers to the garage. * the increases the garage -- the garage's top line revenue. and without the nonprofit corporation, the mta would have to manage the garage, which would certainly require some similar expenditures. so, any potential savings are, at best, ill-defined. i want to thank my good friend sandy maury for her ha
Feb 15, 2013 5:00am EST
is a complex situation. the arctic front will come through this evening. it will redevelop on the coast just to the east. we will most likely get some rain and snow later tonight and tomorrow with some minor accumulations. no snow along the arctic battery -- boundary just yet. this is a complicated forecast. we expect some snow but i suspect this will change by the time we get into this evening appeared we will start out with a mix of rain and snow with this evening. it will last off and on through saturday. 1-2 inches of the accumulations of the on 95 corridor. there could be some heavier snow back in western maryland. this will likely change as we go through the night. this process is so complicated. tune backed him at 5:00 p.m. and check in with tom. a mixture of sun and clouds. a chance for rain or snow showers this evening. high temperature close to 50. snow likely tomorrow. 32 on sunday. the wind chill will be in the teens and 20's. the holiday on monday should be dry. >> good morning. no problems on the roads. we are up to speed on the major roadways. 59 on 70 over towards
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 245 (some duplicates have been removed)